2021 Wrapped – Elland Steel

Reflecting on the year’s wins, challenges and strong recovery.

It’s been another memorable year – this time, though, for many more of the right reasons.

After the problems created by the pandemic in 2020, the construction sector has been making a steady recovery through 2021. While supply chain challenges and price rises have rumbled on contractors and clients have persevered, delivering projects to reinvigorate the economy.

And here at Elland Steel it’s been a year of exciting developments and projects. We have worked on some remarkable projects, including delivering award-winning architecture and supporting key sectors in post-pandemic recovery. We were also proud to receive industry-wide recognition for our work this year, both from our own customers and also industry experts.

Here we reflect on the highlights of 2021 and look ahead to new projects for 2022:


Achieving an excellent Net Promoter Score


Our first customer satisfaction survey delivered industry-leading ratings and encouraging feedback early in 2021.

We earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75 in the inaugural survey – considered to be an ‘excellent’ score for any industry – indicating our customers would have little hesitation in recommending our services to others. Feedback from respondents noted our teams’ “impressive expertise and attention to detail” and “can-do attitude”.

Continuing open dialogue with clients, our now-quarterly surveys have returned even more impressive ratings, reaching a year-to-date NPS total of 86.5.


Earning an industry commendation from BCSA


Our work was commended by industry leaders from the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) at the Structural Steel Design Awards in September.

We had put forward our work on the development of the Quay Club. Heron Quay Pavilion is a contemporary and distinctive building sited in London’s Canary Wharf. Handing us a Merit for “the high standard of design achieved”, judges noted our achievement of the architects’ ambition for a unique façade to reflect the ripples of the water which the five-storey building ‘floats’ above.


Completing essential developments


This year we have been proud to support major industries and the public sector as they have recovered from the challenges of 2020.

At the Port of Immingham we delivered 202 tonnes of structural steel for a cargo shed, helping Associated British Ports to handle, store and move essential agricultural goods.

At Aintree Hospital, Liverpool, we delivered 600 tonnes of structural steel for its new urgent care and trauma centre. The project was delivered working next to the live hospital site, linking the new frame to an existing concrete framed structure.

Another live site project completed was Whitehaven Academy, Cumbria, working next to its existing campus. We delivered 400 tonnes of steel to build the three-storey facility for its 900 pupils, with enough layout flexibility to accommodate ambitions to add a 150-pupil sixth form centre in the coming years.

University of Salford, in Greater Manchester, also welcomed new learners to its Science, Engineering & Environment Building this year, using facilities powered completely by on-site clean energy generation. The 1,000 tonnes of structural steel we delivered supports 154 roof-mounted solar panels while creating an attractive building featuring a large atrium.

And in nearby Altrincham we supported delivery of two five-storey apartment buildings and a five-storey car park in Chapel Square, installing 700 tonnes of steel.


Continuing work on regenerative schemes


Our ongoing projects are all contributing to reinvigorating or regenerating cityscapes.

In London, work is well underway to complete Wood Wharf. This aparthotel sitting beside the water at Canary Wharf requires some specialist solutions and pre-assembled parts to install the structural steel for its 21-storeys.

In nearby Spitalfields we’re installing 350 tonnes of steel, complete with protective and decorative intumescent coatings. This two-storey structure is part of a wider development creating retail and residential spaces to regenerate the historic neighbourhood.

And in Whitechapel we’ll be completing the complex expansion of Central House, adding a six-storey frame to double the height of the existing reinforced concrete framed. Expertly installed crane grillages have allowed us to move 800 tonnes of structural steel in this tight location.

Also in London, Kings Cross S3 is now underway as we’re installing 2,500 tonnes of steel. The nine-storey structure will be curved to mirror the nearby canal and stepped in layout, creating mixed-use spaces for offices, retail and residential while letting sunlight reach the ground below.

In Leeds we’re on with delivering structural steel for 11 & 12 Wellington Place. The linked twin structures will create a multi-storey office block, gym and car park.


Looking forward to new construction projects


In the coming months, we’ll be returning to working on projects for the public sector and essential industries.

We’ll be delivering the structural steel for three projects in the education sector – two new schools, both in Greater London, alongside BAM Construction, and a five-storey multi-use building for the University of Hertfordshire, working with Morgan Sindall. Also with BAM Construction we’re supplying and erecting the steel as they transform an industrial site near St Pancras Hospital to create residential, retail and office spaces. And we’ll be installing the structural steel for a new pharmaceutical processing plant in Kent, again working with Morgan Sindall. While the new year won’t offer a completely clean slate for the construction industry, the challenges already overcome and new ways of working adopted through 2021 set us all in good stall to enjoy a better 2022.

From all of us at Elland Steel – Happy Christmas, and all the best for a happy, healthy and productive New Year ahead.

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