Chapel Square


The Brief

This project centred around the redevelopment of an existing car park within Altrincham town centre. This new scheme would provide Trafford Council with a more ergonomic utilisation of space within the footprint of the old car park.

This redevelopment consists of two five-storey steel-framed apartment blocks and a five-storey car park. The buildings although contemporary in form, will reference the surrounding conservation area and increase permeability with the local setting.

Our Approach

  • The main challenge for this project was access to site, as the location of the construction area was nestled just behind the main road running through the town centre.

  • This meant there was a need to manage the length and size of trailers heading to site, especially considering the site entrance was down a backstreet; off the main road.

  • The structural frame had some interesting elements which facilitated the end-function of the project, such as the sloping ramps of the car park as well as the steel frames for the residential balconies.

Chapel Square


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The Outcomes

During the project our client, the main contractor suffered financial issues which meant a change of contractor which created complications for the scheme itself. However we were able to work collaboratively alongside the new contractor, FK group to deliver the structure safely and cooperatively.

We asked members of the project team to score the service we provided, we averaged a score of 4.85 out of 5 by our client and the engineer. We were also awarded an NPS score of 100 from members of the project team.

“The team you had on here, are a credit to you. They were cooperative, hardworking and above all else carried out the work in a safe manner at all times…Again thank you for your approach to this project and I look forward to hopefully working with you again”.
Chris Meads
FK Group Project Manager
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