Heron Quay Pavilion

Canary Wharf

The Brief

Canary Wharf Group offered a unique opportunity to design and construct a steel frame spanning over part of the middle dock in London’s Canary Wharf estate.

Once complete, the Heron Quay Pavilion building will house guest-rooms, restaurants, leisure spaces and a roof terrace. Having demonstrated our capability to work in the busy confines of inner-city London, we were chosen to deliver the structural package for this project.  

Our Approach

  • Due to the proximity to the water this structure would require the use of “weathering steel” as a base. We provided 400t of weathering steel and a further 1,200t of structural steel more for the main frame.
  • The structure would sit on pre-existing marine piles which meant during the design stage loading consideration was vital. 
  • We utilised temporary bracing so the weight of the concrete was displaced into the columns – reducing loads on the permanent bracing and the piles.
  • As there wasn’t obvious 360° access to the structure, we utilised floating pontoons to enable workers and machinery access to all parts of the structure safely.

Heron Quay Pavilion

Canary Wharf

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The Outcomes

Not only did we fulfil our role as steelwork contractor efficiently but we also fully immersed ourselves with our client’s environmental requirements throughout the course of this project. Ensuring we were environmentally and sustainably mindful, through our procurement process through to project and site management.

The project has since been awarded a ‘Merit’ at the Structural Steel Design Awards 2021, being cited as “clever analysis and re-use of marine piles and grillage from the earlier dockland development… whilst enabling the desired high tolerance, glossy cladding to be achieved”

“We have never constructed a building directly over a dock sitting on existing marine piles”.
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Eamon McDermott
CWC Senior Project Manager
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