Sustainability of structural steel

steel and glass building

Structural steel can be made with basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS). It can also be produced using electric arc furnace (EAF) production. Steel is infinitely recyclable and both methods use recycled steel. One of the differences is that BOS steel is predominately made from raw materials. The BOS process combines iron ore with coke and about […]

Steel price increase and predictions for Q3 and Q4 2022

Elland Steel logo in the middle of grinding sparks on a steel tube

What is causing the steel price increases? Record high price increases were imposed for structural steel in September, January and March. Unprecedented pressures forced British Steel to increase steel section prices by a staggering £250 per tonne earlier this year.  The war in Ukraine was cited as a pivotal factor, as it deprived access to […]

Construction industry hit with huge steel price rise

Circular Hollow Section being cut with sparks

A record high price rise has been imposed for structural steel. British Steel has increased steel section prices by £250 per tonne, seeing large steel sections top more than £1,400 per tonne. And the steel producer has already warned of the likelihood of further price rises in coming weeks, citing the war in Ukraine as […]

Using mast climbers to build by water

How work platforms supported speedy Canary Wharf development Gaining access to buildings in tight spaces or challenging locations requires modern methods and expert planning. Working in busy city centre locations or over water is made possible by modern methods of construction – from off-site methods to on-site solutions like mast climbers. Mast Climbing Work Platforms […]

‘Let’s build something that lasts’

Building construction with crane

The value of trusted working relationships in construction: Chariman, and former Managing Director, Mark Denham shares what makes Elland Steel’s team stand out to clients:  ‘Let’s build something that lasts’ – that’s our promise to clients at Elland Steel. We’re focused on building strong relationships with our clients so that together we deliver striking, functional […]

Understanding steel manufacturing methods

Steel manufacturing process, smelting of materials

Is all steel made equal? As constructors find ways to deliver carbon neutral projects, seeking to use materials which are not only recyclable, but already recycled, is tempting – something which could be delivered using steel. However, a shift to solely recycled scrap steel is, as yet, unattainable as scrap supplies are unable to keep […]