Industry Insights July

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Construction Industry Insights July 2022   Contractions across almost all sectors and regions mean the construction industry is in a “period of decline”, the latest performance figures show.   Even pockets of reasonable activity – across the North West and Northern Ireland, and within the Infrastructure sector – do little to detract from overall weak […]

Industry Insights June 2022

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The construction industry is settling into a “subdued” period following 2021’s ‘post-Covid’ boom, experts suggest June’s industry insights and the latest analysis from commentators at Barbour ABI and Glenigan show ongoing fluctuation in activity. The outlook for the construction industry remains the same as it has for much of 2022, showing altogether more settled activity […]

Industry Insights – Q1 2022

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Encouraging figures point to a stable year ahead for the construction industry The construction industry has enjoyed a steady start to 2022, with encouraging output figures being reported by sector commentators.   Both national and industry data – from the ONS, Barbour ABI and Glenigan – point to the year ahead offering more predictability and […]

Construction industry insights – April 2022

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Peaks and troughs continue for the construction industry The construction industry continues to set records even in spite of “persistent pressures”.   Latest analysis from industry commentators shows both peaks and troughs in activity as planning applications and approvals, contract awards, and project starts are all reviewed.   Sectors like Residential show promising signs for […]