Client Satisfaction
Annual Report


At Elland Steel we assure our clients of a valuable service through our technical expertise, flexibility and wealth of experience. We work closely with our clients to tailor our service to meet their design, aesthetic and functional requirements through great communication, technical analysis, high quality manufacturing and safe working practices.

In the first year of being Managing Director I am hugely proud to see constant improvement within the business, remaining resilient through these challenging times.

This year’s Net Promoter (NPS) score of 82 is nothing but Excellent, better than the year before. This tells us that, for the vast majority, our service is market leading and demonstrates our fantastic relationships we have with clients that repeatedly want to do business with Elland Steel.

As we look to move on from the worst of the pandemic and along a path for recovery, we also find ourselves looking to the future and the longer-term challenges facing the construction sector, price volatility will be troublesome, yet should be dealt with fairly, if supply chains are to remain intact.

I would like to close with a final thank you to all people that dedicated their time to give sincere, generous, constructive feedback, this has helped Elland Steel focus on our values of being client centric and looking to continuously improve and share some reward with the great people of Elland Steel.


Paul Kitching

Paul Kitching BEng

Managing Director

What is 'NPS'®

A Net Promoter Score® provides a measure of how a business is performing according to its customers. Scored between -100 and +100, it indicates customers’ likelihood of recommending a business or brand’s product or services. The score offers an insight into satisfaction, trust and loyalty in a business.

Globally the wider construction industry tends to perform poorly with recent data suggesting the industry has an average NPS of somewhere between 40 and 50.

Headline Results

82 – Net Promoter Score

This is recognised as an “Excellent” score, indicating that the vast majority of our clients are promoters and would have no hesitation in  recommending our services and working with us again.

How likely are you to recommend Elland Steel for future work?

Our NPS = 82


Commercial Performance

When asked a series of questions about our Commercial and Estimating Performance, on a scale of 1-5, whereby 5 is the best score.


Technical Performance

When asked a series of questions about our Technical Performance, on a scale of 1-5, whereby 5 is the best score.



When asked a series of questions about our Project Delivery, on a scale of 1-5, whereby 5 is the best score. 


Response Rate

We approached clients that we have recently worked on projects with for feedback, receiving over 119 individual responses from professionals working across a number of key projects. The response rate (36%) is in line with the average response rates for email surveys and surveys in general (30-33%), indicating a more than satisfactory level of client engagement.

Comments from respondents

What you said:

“The Install team worked through a very harsh Cumbrian winter to achieve a early handover of the structure, a fantastic effort all round.”

Nick Heywood, Senior Project Manager, Wates Construction

“[The Team] has been extremely helpful in coordinating what was a particularly poor precast design 

Regional Design Manager, Wates Construction


Working with Wates Construction, we delivered Whitehaven Academy in the North West of England. This new building consists of a 3-storey school with adjoining sports hall, creating new space for 900 pupils.

Whitehaven Academy


“There were a number of unusual constraints that needed to be met on this project, added to these where the consequences of market volatility and supply issues following the covid pandemic. Despite these challenges, Howard, and the rest of the design team, worked proactively and collaboratively to understand the constraints and find solutions to the many issues that we encountered along the way, ensuring the structure was delivered as planned.”

Technical & Design Manager, CR Reynolds

“Very professional and able to work in connection with other trades on site.”

Contracts Manager, CR Reynolds


Working with CR Reynolds, we delivered structural steelwork on an infrastructure project for Associated British Ports The project included a portal framed cargo store building in the port of Immingham.

Chapel Square


“The team you had on here, are a credit to you. They were cooperative, hardworking and above all else carried out the work in a safe manner at all times…Again thank you for your approach to this project and I look forward to hopefully working with you again”.

Chris Meads, Project Manager, FK Group

“[The Team] has been thorough, clear and transparent throughout what has been a difficult process and made my life much easier than it could have been at times.”

Liam Heyes, Structural Engineer, Civic Engineers


Working with FK Group we provided the structural steel package for this mixed-use residential and retail scheme in Altrincham town centre, Chapel Square.

How We Achieved this

We believe this high Net Promoter Score® has been achieved thanks to our combination of both professional capabilities and a personal approach.

The feedback we gathered came from professionals working in a range of disciplines, that included Quantity Surveyors, Commercial Managers, Engineers, Design Managers, Site and Project Managers. The uniformly high scores indicate consistently high standards across our commercial, technical and project teams.

Professional capabilities

We bring technical skill, expertise and experience to every job. We work proactively with clients, offering ideas and insights to support all elements of project, and are open to input from peers across the supply chain and sub-trades. In all processes we are thorough and transparent.

Personal approach

We develop trusted relationships with our clients, valuing person-to-person interaction – even if it’s been difficult sometimes due to COVID restrictions. We pride ourselves on being approachable and working closely with all suppliers and sub-trades. Clear, timely communication and collaboration are central to our working practices.

Where/What next

How we’ll sustain this and improve further:

As well as identifying patterns of good practice across our business, the scores and feedback from our ‘Client Satisfaction Report’ allows us to further improve our operations and offering.

Communication will continue to be a core priority – sharing the right information at the right time to support accurate reporting across projects. Reviewing and, where appropriate, streamlining processes, from technical processes to final handover, will help us to support programme timings on every job. By conducting departmental autopsies, we will review what works and what can be improved and take action accordingly.

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