Rising construction costs suppress project-starts

Sparks from Steel

The August Glenigan index highlights a downward trend across most sector verticals. Similar to the July Glenigan index, the construction industry recovery continues to be held back by several factors. This includes the Russia-Ukraine war and global materials shortages, which are contributing towards rising construction costs. The weaker economic outlook has continued to negatively affect […]

Steel price increase and predictions for Q3 and Q4 2022

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What is causing the steel price increases? Record high price increases were imposed for structural steel in September, January and March. Unprecedented pressures forced British Steel to increase steel section prices by a staggering £250 per tonne earlier this year.  The war in Ukraine was cited as a pivotal factor, as it deprived access to […]

Construction industry hit with huge steel price rise

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A record high price rise has been imposed for structural steel. British Steel has increased steel section prices by £250 per tonne, seeing large steel sections top more than £1,400 per tonne. And the steel producer has already warned of the likelihood of further price rises in coming weeks, citing the war in Ukraine as […]

Prepare yourself for more steel price rises!

Circular Hollow Section being cut with sparks

In the last 2 years the steel industry has seen unprecedented challenges, we really are in unchartered territory, perhaps territory only chartered in WWII. Since 2020 steel prices have increased by more than 200% and the indications are very clear – there are more to come. In the previous article forecasting for fluctuating steel price […]

Industry insights: 2021 reflections and 2022 predictions

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The figures and forecasts the construction industry’s year ahead: After a lean – and often long – two years for the construction industry, commentators have shared their year-end reviews and how they anticipate this will shape 2022. All told, 2021 was a positive year for the industry, as project starts, contract awards and planning approvals […]