Installing structural steelwork on top of the London Underground

Kings Cross Bridge

Overcoming location challenges when building on top of London Underground Installing structural steelwork directly above rail tunnels has several challenges that need to be addressed during the planning stage. Close collaboration is needed to plan the foundation structure, improve buildability and minimise acoustic vibrations. Elland Steel Structures has successfully completed many contracts in busy locations […]

Building a new structure whilst preserving existing structural elements

Halifax Bus Station Y shape building with green plants on the roof

Integrating existing structural elements into an architectural design can be challenging. This is especially true when structures of historical importance need to form part of the new building. Building a new structure whilst preserving existing structural elements requires expertise and close collaboration between the client, architects, engineers and construction teams. The structural engineer is able […]

One City Park office design raises the bar for Bradford

Office block with curved perimeter

One City Park is a new 5-storey building that isn’t like any other office development in Bradford. The building’s modern architecture has an unusual curved shape with stepped roof terraces. The office employees will have views of the Mirror Pool fountains and the Venetian-style city hall with a 220ft bell tower. Part of the wider […]