Structural steel frames continue to lead the way

Graph showing steel vs concrete frame market share

Steelwork further strengthens its structural frame market share and pushes forward with sustainability Structural steel frames continue to be the material of choice, whilst leading the way in sustainable construction. ‘The overall structural frames market in the UK for 2022 was up 6.7% which highlights that the post-pandemic recovery is continuing.’ Said BCSA Chief Executive […]

Reducing embodied carbon with greener steel

Corner of green plant building

Using environmentally friendly construction materials As the construction industry strives to meet net zero targets, contractors seek to reduce embodied carbon. One way of doing this is to opt for greener construction materials.  ‘Embodied carbon’ refers to the emissions created by the construction process. This includes the sourcing, transport, and erection of materials that were […]

Sustainability of structural steel

steel and glass building

Structural steel can be made with basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS). It can also be produced using electric arc furnace (EAF) production. Steel is infinitely recyclable and both methods use recycled steel. One of the differences is that BOS steel is predominately made from raw materials. The BOS process combines iron ore with coke and about […]