The Rowe, Whitechapel


The Brief

The Rowe development is a hybrid construction project that will reuse, reconfigure and reimagine the existing structure. The work needs to be carried out within the footprint of the building, including remodelling the internal concrete structure, while keeping the facade intact. Then six new floors of steelwork will be added. 

The completed Rowe will be a 15,050 metre squared commercial redevelopment that meets the architectural requirements and fulfils the client’s aspirations in a way that’s cost-effective, while achieving planning consent. 

Our Approach

  • A steel facade retention was used while the internal concrete structure was remodelled. We carefully removed the retaining steel frame and erected 6 new floors of steelwork. 
  • The construction took place within the footprint of the building, which is located at a busy junction of Whitechapel High Street and Commercial Road. 

  • This meant careful planning was needed to manage the length and size of trailers heading to site, especially considering the site entrance was down a backstreet, off the main road. 

  • Steel provided a lighter structural solution for the 6 floor extension, thereby reducing the need for larger and deeper foundations. 

  • We added 6 steel floors onto the existing structure. They were larger than the concrete floors, as 6 columns were able to be omitted. 

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The Outcomes

During the project, we worked closely with Robert Bird Group and through careful planning and cooperation, we achieved the high standard of aesthetic required by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), while managing the structural risks associated with this scheme.

We asked members of the technical teams to score the service we provided, we averaged a score of 4.5 out of 5 by our client and the structural engineer. We were also awarded an NPS score of 100 from members of the project team.

“The whole Elland team have been very good to work with. Work has progressed well, changes have been accommodated, and Elland Steel have been very proactive to raise technical queries early enough to resolve them and any other interfaces”.
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James Schollum
BAM Construction, Design Manager
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