New Victoria


The Brief

New Victoria development has two 20 and 25-storey towers respectively. The apartments are situated near Manchester Victoria train station. The busy area in the city centre, meant that they needed a safe way to install the architectural features that would reduce the amount of work at height. 

The main architectural feature on the New Victoria residential scheme, is the 12 golden ‘hoops’. We were asked to fabricate the framework for the hoops in a way that would reduce the amount of work at height.  

Our Approach

  • We fabricated the hoops into modules to reduce the amount of work on the busy, tight construction site.

  • The tight site in the busy city centre, meant that careful planning had to go into the delivery of the hoops.

  • Our framework allowed the rain water system, trace heating and the cladding to be attached onto the frame at ground level, before being lifted up to the top of the buildings.

New Victoria


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The Outcomes

The project was completely safely by assembling the hoops at ground level before lifting them up to the top of the buildings. We successfully helped to reduce the amount of work at height in this busy area of Manchester.

We asked members of the project team to score the service we provided, we averaged a score of 4.7 out of 5 by our client and the engineer. We were also awarded an NPS score of 100 from members of the project team. 

“Very quick in responding to comments that were raised by the client team”.
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Neil Burgoyne
Vinci, Senior Construction Manager
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