Industry Insights August

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Construction Industry Insights August 2022 Activity remains weak in the construction sector with the value of planning approvals falling. Despite the rising inflation, fragile consumer confidence and higher interest rates, July was another good month for contract awards. The value of contract awards has increased by 13% for the second month running, providing some respite […]

Steel price increase and predictions for Q3 and Q4 2022

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What is causing the steel price increases? Record high price increases were imposed for structural steel in September, January and March. Unprecedented pressures forced British Steel to increase steel section prices by a staggering £250 per tonne earlier this year.  The war in Ukraine was cited as a pivotal factor, as it deprived access to […]

Re-Elected as President, Mark Denham reflects on industry challenges

Mark Denham giving a speech at the BCSA Dinner in Madam Tussauds

BCSA President praised steel construction firms for their adaptability to industry challenges Many BCSA members, including Elland Steel, had a table at the BCSA national dinner. During the event, our chairman, Mark Denham praised the sector for its resilience, strength and adaptability to unprecedented challenges in recent years. In June, he was re-elected as the […]

Industry Insights July

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Construction Industry Insights July 2022   Contractions across almost all sectors and regions mean the construction industry is in a “period of decline”, the latest performance figures show.   Even pockets of reasonable activity – across the North West and Northern Ireland, and within the Infrastructure sector – do little to detract from overall weak […]

Industry Insights June 2022

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The construction industry is settling into a “subdued” period following 2021’s ‘post-Covid’ boom, experts suggest June’s industry insights and the latest analysis from commentators at Barbour ABI and Glenigan show ongoing fluctuation in activity. The outlook for the construction industry remains the same as it has for much of 2022, showing altogether more settled activity […]

Tower crane grillages are designed by experts

Tower crane base installed partly into concrete frame

Temporary works experts design tower crane grillages by working with steelwork contractors Almost every large development will need a tower crane and then a way to support it. Sometimes it is possible to connect the tower crane into the concrete supporting foundation or concrete stability covers. However, when this can’t be achieved, a bespoke tower […]

On-site actions for sustainable construction

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Environmental practices to deliver during build stage   Sustainability in construction is becoming more important as the industry works towards global net zero targets. Sustainable construction practices should be embedded into all stages of a project – from design, to construction to end-use. They must be examined to identify how to sustainably use resources and […]

Digital and data in construction

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How digital methods and data analytics are improving construction projects The use of digital methods and data analytics are increasingly contributing to the construction industry’s growth and sustainability goals. Around two-thirds of businesses have increased their use of digital and data to overcome challenges. According to McKinsey, Covid accelerated digital adoption at both organisational and […]

How to minimise embodied carbon in steel structures

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Using suppliers’ expertise to deliver sustainable construction     The UK’s construction industry was a world leader in identifying the impact of emissions created by construction. So we must now also be leaders in tackling and reducing emissions to meet global net zero targets.   Construction and the built environment are responsible for around 39% […]

Cost considerations for structural retrofits

Drawing of steel frame with markings and highlighted steel members.

A steelworker’s perspective on pricing retrofit projects Retrofitting will play an important part in the construction sector meeting net zero targets. Since around 80% of the building stock we’ll be using by 2050 is already built, bringing many of these properties up-to-date will require some substantial retrofits of both structures and systems. Existing buildings must […]