Industry insights – July

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Q2 activity falls by 21% compared to Q1 According to Glenigan, main contract awards averaged £6,030 million per month in Q2. That’s 32% down on the last quarter and 30% lower than the same period a year ago. This is the third month of lower activity levels for contract awards, confirming the new lower trajectory. […]

Office refurb projects are on the rise

Refurbishment and extension of building

Office Refurb Work There is an increase in office refurb projects, particularly in London, according to Glenigan. As companies seek to rebuild and reconfigure their business space to accommodate hybrid working, the offices sector can look forward to two years of growth. New office projects will rise by 19% next year – Glenigan’s view After […]

Project starts continue to dwindle

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The value of underlying work starting on-site during the three months to June, fell 5% against the preceding three months, standing 39% lower than a year ago. The continued weakening in project-starts in Q2 is disappointing but unsurprising. Project starts are likely to continue to dwindle into the latter part of the year, mainly due […]

Construction industry growth predictions for 2024

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Construction industry statistics begin to stabilise after a sharp fall The poorer economic outlook has prompted some clients and developers to pause or scale back on planned investments. The value of projects securing detailed planning consent dropped by 8% during 2022 and remained weak during the first four months of 2023. During this period, main […]

Accessibility is a key part of buildability

Access is an important consideration when assessing designs from a buildability perspective. During the pre-construction phase, the elements of the design will be assessed in relation to these key factors: Providing & maintaining safe systems of work. Achieving the desired final quality. Meeting the programme requirements. De-risking perceived problems. Achieving optimum value for money. Accessibility […]

Industry Insights – June

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Activity levels remain low according to the latest construction industry insights, data and reports. Glenigan continue to report a poor performance at the end of May. In the June Glenigan index, the Chief Economist stated, ‘Starts remain significantly down on a year ago’ and that ‘the sector looks to be in for a challenging period […]

BREEAM certification is becoming more important


In May, Glenigan confirmed that BREEAM certification is becoming more important in the commercial and industrial sectors, where knowledge and experience with BREEAM is helping to win contracts. BREEAM is a sustainability assessment method that helps to ensure that buildings are designed, constructed, and operated in a way that minimizes their environmental impact. This is […]

Industry Insights – May

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Contract awards fell back to £4.7bn with continued uncertainty – Barbour ABI’s view After recent strength, contract awards have slipped back in April with £4.7bn. Among other industry insights in May, Barbour ABI stated that the uncertainty and constraints caused fluctuations between high and low activity levels each month. Contract awards fell by 33% month-on-month […]

Downward trend for construction starts continues into May

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The Glenigan Index of construction starts continues to report a decline in April. The value of underlying work starting on-site during the three months to April fell 23% against the preceding 3 months to finish 41% lower than a year ago. Downward trend for construction starts continues – Glenigan’s view The overall decline in construction […]

New Fire Safety Regulations and Guides

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Fire regulations continue to evolve in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. New legal provisions were recently laid in parliament, which form phase 3 of the Home Office’s fire safety reform programme. New fire safety regulations come into force on 1st October Phase 3 amendments will improve fire safety in all buildings regulated by […]